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Emotional [18 Dec 2006|08:49am]
[ mood | drained ]

Yesterday was one of the most emotionally draining days I have experienced in a long time. I mean, my weekend started off wonderful. A group of friends and me went to see the pursuit of happiness (really good movie by the way), we all had a good time, it was a good Friday. Then Saturday, I went to clean up my kingdom hall, and at 1 o’clock my congregation was invited to hear a special talk given by a brother from bethel called “Beware of the sin”. That was an excellent talk! Then I went home, relaxed…it was a good Saturday! Yesterday I get up early, get all dolled u[, I’m looking my best because the brother form bethel is going to give two more special talks. Our Hall was Packed, 300 people when we only have less than 200 publishers. The first talk he gave was “Maintain soundness of mind”. That was even better the talk he gave on Saturday, he brought out so many good points, and it was a very touching talk. We had our watchtower study; finally the brother gave his final talk, “Stay at Jehovah’s table”. That was the most emotional talk I have ever been to, there where times in the talk when the brother got chocked up. Towards the end, I had to hold back my tears when he brought out points about disfellowshipped ones and how there families want them to come back before he brings an end to this old system of things. There is no way I can even begin to explain how heartfelt his final talk was.
Needless to say I was left very emotional that day. I had family members there who are inactive in the truth, or disfellowshipped, and I know that they where touched by the meeting. So after such wonderful spiritual food, me, a bunch of my little and big cousins, my aunt, and my mother are all standing outside the kingdom hall. Are kingdom hall went over our normal time, and it was time for the next congregation to have their Sunday meeting. And older brother pulls into the parking lot. He is already going at a pace to fast for a parking lot, and he drives by all of my family. Fortunately we all moved out of the way because the brother didn’t have control of the car. The car is starting to go at an angle heading towards parked cars. It came in my direction at an angle, but it missed me. It brushed across my little cousin knocking hum back, it crashed into 3 cars and the last car it hit, pinned a sister between that car and another car. I’m looking in horror, because from where I’m standing it looked like the car hit her directly, and my thinking is that the whole bottom half of her body was crushed. I still have the image of the fear in the sister’s face, she was screaming in pain stuck between these two cars. Everyone is the parking lot was in shock! People where looking for their children, brothers where trying to get the friends to leave the parking lot, sirens where going. It was just way too much!
My mother and I brought my aunt to our house sense her husband was at the hall trying to make sure things where ok. Her oldest son, who is disfellowshipped, was at the hall when everything happened, and he came to our house to check on his mother. It was so awkward because, I didn’t know whether to tell him to come in or not, and it hurt me so bad (that and a combination of emotions) I started crying. I was still shaking from seeing the sister get hit by a car, and I kept thinking about how the car could have token out me and a bunch of my other family member because we where all right nest to the accident.
Fortunately, the sister wasn’t hurt to bad, she did have a broken arm and finger. No one else was hurt, just in shock. But, yesterday’s event left me drained, and emotional, and I feel like giving everyone I love a hug!


So anyway, that’s what happened this weekend! I am thankful to Jehovah that things where not worse.


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